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Nowadays online services so common and prevalent ,some of them are free and most of our daily works are done with using online services . including :

1.Money transfer

2.Paying the bill

3.Ordering goods

4.Buy and sell a product

5.Searching for people

6.Doing research

And also taking advantage of it will save a lot of time and money for us .



Ava  Powerpoint Services offers the translation of PowerPoint, English to Farsi and Persian to English files in the shortest time and at the lowest possible cost online and with fluent prose. Due to its artificial intelligence, Farazin’s intelligent translator has the ability to detect a range of topics that improve the quality of translation and the similarity of machine translation to human.


It should be noted that the translation of each slide from the submitted PowerPoint file is done within the same slide and the main PowerPoint page layout does not change.


Some of the features of the PowerPoint translation of Farazin are:


Quick PowerPoint translation

Translate PowerPoint online

PowerPoint translation while maintaining the structure and visual elements of the text

Cheap and cheap PowerPoint translation

Match the PowerPoint translation with the original file

Match the original PowerPoint file and translate in terms of form and content

Translate PowerPoint by saving PowerPoint source slides

Powerful translation of PowerPoint text

PowerPoint translation with subject domain recognition as much as possible

Compare the PowerPoint file easily and easily with its translation

Translate PowerPoint from English to Persian

Translate PowerPoint from Persian to English

Translate shapes, tables and diagrams if possible


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