Creating a Powerpoint presentation Slide

Title of powerpoint  presentation, date, presenter name
Main points of what you will talk about
Then follow the structure you’ve laid out
Start broad, finish specific
Rank Information (What NEEDS to go on the slide)
Cover detailed information based on your outline
As many slides as you need, as many as 1-2 per minute
Remember Powerpoint is more visual than verbal: “a picture is worth a thousand words”
Audience will likely take away the last thing you say
So make a point to have the last slide be meaningful
provide contact information for followup?
pose a question for discussion?
finish with a joke/or light hearted conclusion?At the very least put a blank slide at the end
provides a non-distracting placeholder for discussion
prevents clicking through back to Powerpoint application
Highlight your presentation, don’t create a substitute for it
Bullet points, not complete sentences
4-6 points per page
No large blocks of text, audience stops listening, and reads
Consider showing one point at a time, using animation
helps the audience focus on what you are saying

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